Two teams from the University of Waterloo have been named finalists for a prestigious international award.

The James Dyson award is given annually to a group of post-secondary students who have invented a solution to a problem.

Groups compete on a national stage before the winner of the international prize is determined.

Five Canadian groups are moving on to the international competition – including two University of Waterloo projects which were named runners-up.

They are Avro Life Science, which has created a medical sticker that holds allergy medication for children, and Design and Build of an Atmospheric Water Generator, which is able to pull three litres of drinking water from the atmosphere within 24 hours.

Both projects move on to the international competition, where they are hoping to be part of a shortlist of 20 finalists.

In 2015, Kitchener circuit board printer manufacturer Voltera was named the first Canadian winner of the international award.