Men from Toronto and Cambridge are accused of forcing a 14-year-old Kitchener girl to have sex for money.

Toronto Police say the girl was first forced to have sex at a Toronto motel with one of the two men, after which photographs of the girl were posted online in an advertisement for sexual services.

The girl was then allegedly ordered to have sex with strangers at a Toronto motel on multiple occasions, and turn over money from the strangers to the two men.

On Sunday, police say, the girl alerted friends that she was being held against her will, after which police began investigating.

That investigation led to the arrests of 24-year-old Toronto resident Jordan Innis and 18-year-old Cambridge resident Daniel Schuelter.

Both men are charged with forcible confinement, trafficking in underage persons, making and possessing child pornography, sexual interference, advertising another person’s sexual services, receiving a material benefit from the sexual services of an underage person, and other offences.

Police say they are concerned there may be other victims, and want to hear from anyone with information about the case.