KITCHENER -- A 105-year-old woman living at a long-term care home in Kitchener is among 40 residents that will be moved to regional hospitals in a new plan to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The family of Irene Bitschy, a resident at Forest Heights Revera LTC, says they were first informed of the plan yesterday.

“All the uncertainty is little bit nerve racking for us, but we know it is the best thing medically for her, and to give the home a break,” says Heidi Sproul, Irene’s granddaughter.

Forest Heights continues to deal with a major outbreak of the virus with 103 cases in residents and 41 in staff.

Sproul says the family doesn’t know yet which hospital Bitschy will be transferred to, or when the move will take place.

Grand River Hospital, St. Mary's General Hospital, and Cambridge Memorial Hospital have all volunteered to accept transfers from the facility, according to a news release sent out on Monday from thehome’s parent company, Revera.

“I’m hoping this is going to be very successful in being able to decant a certain number of residents, as we indicated 40,” says Dr. Rhonda Collins, chief medical officer of Revera in an interview with CTV News.

Dr. Collins says being able to move some residents out will make it easier to provide necessary care to the remaining residents.

“To allow four-bed wards to now be taken down to two bedrooms, which will then increase distancing and allow better isolation techniques.”

She says transferring some residents to hospital was a tough decision and was made in conjunction with public health, the hospitals and families involved.

“We know there’s been great support from the community as well. The families of the residents have just been wonderful throughout this whole process,” says Dr. Collins.

Sproul is happy about the decision to move her grandmother to hospital.

“As a whole family we all feel relieved that they’re taking steps in this direction. We feel that it will be a better place for her for now,” she says.

The family is hoping staff will be able to use the time not only clean the home but also to rest.