A man who sexually abused his girlfriend’s daughter and used Craigslist to invite other people to do the same has been sentenced.

The man appeared in a Hamilton courtroom Friday. A court order prevents his name from being published, in order to protect the identity of his victim.

He had abused the girl over a nine-month period that started when she was seven years old and ended when she told her biological father what was happening.

According to court documents, the man would wake the girl up, dress her in “lingerie-type outfits” and sexually assault her. Electronic devices seized by police contained nearly 4,000 pornographic images of the girl.

One of the people who responded to the Craigslist ad was Waterloo resident Rui DaSilva. He has already received an eight-year sentence for offences including sexually assaulting the girl.

Sonya Lucas of Kitchener, who accompanied DaSilva on one of his trips to Hamilton, was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for making and possessing child pornography, as well as invitation to sexual touching.