A house fire in Woodstock has left one person dead.

Firefighters were called to the Kensington Street home around 5:30 a.m. Monday in response to smoke and a possible fire.

“Upon entering the building, they did encounter very thick, heavy smoke and fire,” fire captain Greg Way said in an interview.

One person was also found dead inside the home. Information on that person’s identity has not been made public.

Neighbours say a man is the only occupant of the house.

“He kept mostly to himself,” said Laura Rieck, who lives on the same street.

Rieck said she woke up Monday morning to the sound of her dog barking, and soon noticed flames and “a lot of smoke” coming from the back of her neighbour’s house.

Outside the house, firefighters also had to contend with freezing temperatures and steady snowfall.

The conditions meant water lines had to keep running so they wouldn’t freeze, and fire trucks ended up stuck at the scene – necessitating a call for a tow truck to pull them out.

Homes on either side of the one where the fire broke out were evacuated as a precaution. Firefighters were able to shield both of them from damage.

One firefighter ended up being taken to hospital after falling through a floor in the home while inside.

The firefighter was released from hospital later in the day, officials said.

With reporting by Marc Venema