WARNING: This story contains sensitive and graphic language which some people may find offensive.

The day Chris Schweitzer died, a Guelph courtroom heard, the man accused of killing him was heard talking about how he was going to kill somebody.

What’s less clear, based on the first week of testimony, is whether Sean Haverty was talking specifically about Schweitzer when he made that comment – and how serious he was about it.

Jurors at Haverty’s first-degree murder trial have heard from a number of witnesses including Haverty’s partner and roommate Pamela Feenstra.

Schweitzer died on June 18, 2015. He was found at a home on Tiffany Street, having been shot.

Feenstra saw Haverty multiple times that day, before and after the shooting. She also made the 911 call alerting the authorities to what had happened.

Prior to the shooting, jurors heard, Feenstra and Haverty had a conversation. Feenstra remembered Haverty being angry, and assuming he was drunk.

“I’m going to kill that retard, that f***ing ***hole,” she recalled him saying that afternoon.

Asked who those comments were directed at, Feenstra said that she thought it was “no one in particular.”

“(I) thought he was just shooting his mouth off,” she testified.

Later, Feenstra said that “retard” was a nickname Haverty used regularly for Schweitzer.

When Feenstra was questioned about events after Haverty returned from his altercation with Schweitzer, Feenstra said that she remembered him saying “I got the f***er and the f***er got me.”

In the 911 call, which was played for jurors, Feenstra told the 911 operator that Haverty “was in an altercation with a neighbour and he ran into the house.” She added that he “had been punched in the face” and was bleeding.

Asked by the operator if somebody had been shot, Feenstra replied that she didn’t know.

The trial continues Monday.