Concerns about public safety and traffic congestion are behind the latest move to limit the number of people visiting the Elora Quarry, the Grand River Conservation Authority says.

Earlier this year, the GRCA announced that it would limit the quarry to 1,300 visitors, although more people would be allowed in later on if others had left.

On Tuesday, the GRCA announced another step toward limiting the crowds.

Starting Thursday, gates at the entrance to the quarry will be closed once 1,300 people have shown up. Nobody else will be allowed inside for the rest of the day.

The GRCA describes the move as an “interim solution,” saying more permanent measures will be decided on after the summer ends.

The Elora Quarry is a popular swimming spot near the Grand River. Its popularity has grown in recent years, with people from the Greater Toronto Area flocking to the area in growing numbers.

According to the GRCA, some days prior to 2017 brought more than 2,000 people to the quarry.