Junior Walker doesn’t come from a musical family.

His parents never played any instruments. His grandparents never played any instruments.

He himself didn’t pick one up until he was 18 – and even then, it was only to help out a friend who needed a bass guitarist in his band.

That’s when the music bug bit him. It hasn’t let go yet.

“It was just something that I picked up and started to do,” he says.

Walker enjoys music so much that once his daughter Charlotte was born, he knew he wanted it to be a part of her life.

“I truly believe that every kid should have an instrument in their hand,” he says.

“It’s something that pulls them away from the electronic world.”

Even with that belief, Walker was blown away when – at the age of nine months – Charlotte started singing the intro to “Seven Bridges Road” by The Eagles.

“I was singing it to her, and she started picking up on the words,” he says.

“It was kind of baffling to see that she was getting it.”

Charlotte, who turned two in December, has since added “You Are My Sunshine” to her repertoire.

Monday night, Walker posted a video of him and his daughter singing that tune to Facebook.

The next morning, he was surprised to find that it had been viewed 200 times.

Eight hours later, the number stood at 10,000. By Thursday afternoon, it was approaching 40,000.

“It was just a little video to show some friends and family, but it seems it’s gone a little bit past that,” he says.

Singing is Charlotte’s only talent. Walker says she likes to dance around the house.

Despite what he describes as his daughter’s “crazy” aptitude for music, Walker says he’s not going to rush her into anything – but maybe he’ll sign her up for piano lessons a couple of years down the road.

With reporting by Daryl Morris