More possible human remains have been found beneath a downtown Guelph parking lot.

City officials say bone fragments were discovered Monday by crews working in an old tunnel below Baker Street.

According to a forensic anthropologist that was brought in to investigate, a number of pieces of cranial bone were found along with pieces of coffin hardware.

This marks the third similar discovery in the area in the past 11 years.

The remains of a man, a woman, nine infants and 36 incomplete remains were found at the site after a sinkhole in 2005.

In 2010 another sinkhole revealed the remains of an infant.

City records show that the area was used as a public burial ground between 1827 and 1853. After that period, all remains were moved to Woodlawn Memorial Park.

Allister McIlveen, Manager of Transportation Services said the city was prepared for the possibility of another discovery.

“I was hoping there wasn't going to be any bone fragments found but certainly it was expected. We had done some pre-work and we had contacted some folks who’ve dealt with us before when we found the same situation. So we were hoping it wasn't going to happen but it did so we were well prepared,” said McIlveen.

Officials are trying to locate any other human remains in this area.

Police say there's nothing criminal or suspicious about the discovery.

With reporting by Alexandra Pinto.